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Journal of Reliability and Statistical Studies

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JRSS: A Free Open Access Journal
     More and more production of electronic goods/items have drawn the attention of the consumers towards the reliability of these items and automization of instruments seems to  enhance the risk of the lives of the consumers. Moreover, environmental and socio-economic conditions of the people have greatly affected their survivability. During recent past, the studies related to reliability/ survivability have become a matter of grave concern to the workers carrying out research in the relevant fields. More and more statistical studies are also being carried out to  study various aspects of day to day life and conclusions are being drawn from such studies. But, these conclusions are not getting proper place in the research journals, as till now, the number of journals to cover such studies is not adequate. There seems to be a big gap between the number of research articles being written and the number of reputed journals providing space for such articles. The commencement of Journal of Reliability and Statistical Studies (JRSS) is a little effort to fill up this gap.
JRSS: An Indexed and Peer Reviewed Journal

       JRSS aims at the bi-annual peer reviewed publication and dissemination of original research, reviews and discussions on the latest developments in the fields of reliability, life-testing, risk analysis, operations research and almost all branches of applied statistics. The main emphasis of the journal will be on publishing the original innovative research in the above said areas with implications on sustainability and the well being of every one. The research papers helping to advance the foundations of fundamental knowledge are also welcome. The contributions should be unpublished before and not under consideration elsewhere for publication. The journal will accept good quality papers in the aforesaid areas from the authors.                         
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